Things You Need To Check Before Purchasing A Private Jet

  • Things You Need To Check Before Purchasing A Private Jet

    Owning a private jet is a thing of pride and everyone has a hidden desire to buy one. If you are fortunate enough to have the funds to buy a private jet, it is better to look for the best private jets for sale. In these sales, you will be able to get your hands on the best jet at affordable prices with the help of expert brokers from Depart Right.

    Here are some essential things that you can consider to make sure that you invest in the right jet.


    It is essential to check the paperwork before fixing the deal. You should see a valid airworthiness certificate, operating placards/limitations, operating handbook of the pilot, equipment list with their balance and weight, current registration, airframe, and engine logbooks. See the history of complete maintenance. Also, check the problems that require repair due to an incident or accident.

    Ailerons, flaps, and wings

    Check the warps, chafing, and wrinkles on the rivets. You should pay attention if the aircraft is freshly painted, waxed, or cleaned because spot issue areas will be hidden. Check the dings because you may need to repair the following edges of flaps and ailerons and front of wings. You should also check that there is no corrosion, dents on strut or wing walks. Check the drain and caps of the fuel and check for any stain of fuel around rivets, wing roots, and seams. This may be a sign of leaking bladders or tanks.


    Check the hinges, latches, and doors. Ensure that there is no corrosion or rust on the surface. Also, check that the doors are tightly sealed and close easily. Check the skin for warping or wrinkles. You should also check the belly for dents, patches, replacement panels, and dents that is a sign of gear-up landing. Check the location of antennas for best transmission and reception.

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